1. We will act in a fiduciary capacity for our advisory clients, meaning that we will act solely in your best interest and always put your interests ahead of ours.
  2. We will listen to you and ask questions to gain a better understanding of what is important to you and what goals you want to achieve through the planning process.
  3. We will develop a comprehensive financial plan and discuss your goals in a timely manner following any advisor to client interactions.
  4. We will provide you with a timeline for the implementation of any recommendations provided and assure that every strategy you choose to implement is done.
  5. We will fully disclose and detail all planning costs, portfolio management fees, insurance, and investment commissions, and any other expenses associated with your chosen strategies.
  6. We will coordinate your legal and tax work amongst your advisors or refer you to professionals in the respected fields.
  7. We will contact you quarterly to evaluate your progress, our performance and address any questions that you may have.
  8. We will respond to any communications within 24 hours.
  9. We will continually study financial markets and the financial planning industry in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and current information available.
  10. We will meet with you no less than once annually to update and adapt your plan to any life, business or financial changes that have occurred.